The Listening Academy, Bergen 2022

Rebecca Collins at the Unfinished Institute in Bergen
Image Credit: Meret Røstad

Rebecca shared extracts from her current research project ‘Parametres for Understanding Uncertainty’ (P4UU) at The Listening Academy in Bergen following an invitation from Brandon Labelle. The event, unfolding over three days in the harbour area of the city at ‘The Unfinished Institute’ felt like a timely reminder of the role of listening across a variety of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary projects. The intensity of the encounter continues to reverberate. Interventions, discussions, and presentations included an interview with the North Sea, insights into listening as a deeply intimate practice, the re-socialisation of sound, the sharp snap of malleable borders & inappropriate power relations within migrant justice, the questionable utility of artistic practice in relation to international scientific experiments, and the ongoing urgent need to listen to diverse knowledge and aesthetic epistemologies. See below for the book of abstracts and the full program.