Mend, Blend, Attend Society for Artistic Research, Bauhaus University, Weimar 2022

In July 2022 Rebecca presented her current research project, ‘Parametres for Understanding Uncertainty’ at the annual Society for Artistic Research conference held at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany. Professor, Giaco Schiesser chaired the session and, alongside the other presenters an interesting debate was held on how artistic research can be integrated into interdisciplinary environments.

Conference thematics centred on the state of the art in Artistic Research with specific attention on the Frascati Manual and Vienna Declaration on Artistic Research . The recognition of artistic research has developed significantly with the criteria published. Criteria stipulate high-level artistic practice combined with reflection, epistemic enquiry all directed at increasing knowledge, understanding and insight. Whilst such terms are dense the conference provided an ideal environment to unpack such complexity in relation to specific examples of artistic research.

Significant attention was also given to citational practices within artistic research, both from an EDI perspective and a consideration of how to cite within and across instances of artistic research.

The conference, and indeed the SAR network, offers an excellent opportunity to meet with EU scholars working in artistic research and a great forum for PhD students to share their research in a supportive environment.

Program and list of fellow presenters. Click image to access conference website.