Listening to Dark Matter

Deep Listening Pauline Oliveros
Our Universe contains vast amounts of a new form of matter that neither emits nor absorbs light. We do not know the nature of this mysterious "dark matter", despite having been postulated more than a hundred years ago. Its search in different types of experiments has meant a revolution in particle physics, since it shows the limitations of the Standard Model. Likewise, this enigma still unresolved also gives rise to other ways of thinking that come from artistic practices. In this talk Dr Rebecca Collins & Dr David G. CerdeƱo  juxtapose two perspectives that rarely touch, such as theoretical physics and artistic research, motivated by the (perhaps impossible?) question of how we can listen to these elusive particles.

‘Listening to Dark Matter’ was a public talk delivered at the Museum of Science and Cosmos, La Laguna, Tenerife. November 2022.