Vocal Spiel

Vocal Spiel is a video piece that plays with the sound of language – what might be above, Vocal Spielbeyond, or behind our dialogical exchanges. Spiel, taken from German, is a tricky word; it means ‘play’, ‘game’, ‘performance’ and ‘gamble’  reflecting what will occur in this footage.

The film draw on material gathered from eavesdropping on micro-situations occurring in everyday settings such as hairdressers, coffee shops, and pubs. 

At the heart of the piece is the question as to whether we actually ever really communicate something of who or what we are, or whether we are always reduced and confined to niceties and small talk. 

Using a range of rhythms, and repetitions, the piece aims to playfully make you think twice about what might be beyond, above or below these habitual exchanges.

Vocal Spiel was programmed as part of the Summer Cinema series at Surface Gallery, Nottingham, Summer 2015.

Early versions of Vocal Spiel were developed at Volcano Theatre, Swansea as part of the Yr Odyn artist development network.