I have taught in the Department of Theatre, Film and Television at Aberystwyth University teaching and lecturing on both practical and theoretical modules. I am currently a visiting lecturer at Sunderland University in the Department of Arts, Design and Media. 

Modules I have taught on include:

  • Contemporary European Theatre: A module introducing key themes and elements in twentieth-century European theatre practices situated within their political and cultural contexts.
  • Performance Composition: A practical module that examines key aspects of contemporary performance practice e.g. audio-based performance, one-to-one performance
  • Performance & Architecture: A practice-focused module that asks what might performance borrow from architectural practices and vice-versa.
  • Key Theatre Practices: An introduction to key practitioners in the field of theatre and performance taught through a combination of theoretical and practical approaches.
  • Studying Theatre II: A comprehensive critical introduction to the main artistic and analytical concerns of 20th Century contemporary theatre and performance practice.
  • Studying Theatre I: an introduction to the main artistic and analytical concerns of pre-20th century theatre practice
  • Theatre Production: A practice-based module providing guidance and structure to enable students to produce and perform their work in a professional venue.