Rebecca Collins regularly writes and publishes her research in peer-reviewed academic journals, experimental writing publications, blogs, conference proceedings and reports. She recently completed her first book project, a sonic detective novel (forthcoming 2020).


Necessary Note (forthcoming 2020) co-authored with Johanna Linsley, edited by Kristen Kreider







Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Collins, R and J Linsely (2019) “Stolen Voices A Slowly Expanding Eavesdrop on the coast of the UK” in Arts Special Issue ‘Layered Landscapes: Cultural Investigations in Northern British Edgelands’ 8 (4) 140

Collins R (2018) “Aural Spatiality and Sonic Materiality: Attending to the Space of Sound in Performances by Ivo Dimchev and Alma Soderberg”, Contemporary Theatre Review. Vol. 28. Issue 2

Collins RL (2017) “Sound, Space and Bodies: Building Relations in the Work of Invisible Flock and Atelier Bildraum”, M/C Journal. 20.2

Collins RL (2012) “On Being Audience: Modalities of Theatrical Speech and Listening”, Activate. 2.1

Published Writing

Collins R (forthcoming 2020) ‘Co-Ordinates for A Noir B Movie’ BFTK, Issue 4 https://www.b-f-t-k.info/

Collins R and J Linsley (2019) ‘Stolen Voices’ Online Album plus expanded liner notes. ASAP Journal. October 03.

Collins R and J Linsley (2018) ‘Just in Time: The Felixstowe Affair’ The Spill Reader https://www.pacitticompany.com/new-products/spill-reader

Collins, R and J Linsley (2017) ‘Border by Water’  The Fifth Chapter, Something Other

Collins RL, (2014) ’The Paper Club: Participatory Arts’ Planet The Welsh Internationalist, 214

Conference Proceedings

Collins RL (2013) Dear Institution. Colloquium on Artistic Research in Performing Arts


Collins RL, Heritage P, Weaver L (2007) Staging Human Rights PPP Bulletin ISSUE 2.
Collins RL, Heritage P (2007) Changing the Scene PPP Bulletin ISSUE 3. London: Publications and Web Office,


Photo Credits: Craig Kirkwood, Rebecca Collins. All rights reserved.