Rebecca Collins regularly writes and publishes her research in peer-reviewed academic journals, conference proceedings and reports. She is currently completing a book project with Johanna Linsley for Copy Press Common Intellectual.


Her Figure a Song: A Sonic Detective Novel (in preparation) written in collaboration with Johanna Linsley

Copy Press is an independent publishing company, dedicated to extending ideas or writing, pictures and readability. Common Intellectual names a series of 100-page paperbacks, each title providing a proposition for living, thinking and enjoyment. Copy press publishes authors whose work endeavours to bring writers and readers into a space where common voices can come together and gather mass.







Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Collins RL “Aural Spatiality and Sonic Materiality: Attending to the Space of Sound in Performances by Ivo Dimchev and Alma Soderberg”, Contemporary Theatre Review. (In preparation)

Collins RL “Aural Attunement to Materials of the Past”, Journal of Sonic Studies. (In preparation)

Collins RL (2017) “Sound, Space and Bodies: Building Relations in the Work of Invisible Flock and Atelier Bildraum”, M/C Journal. 20.2

Collins RL (2012) “On Being Audience: Modalities of Theatrical Speech and Listening”, Activate. 2.1

Conference Proceedings

Collins RL (2013) Dear Institution. Colloquium on Artistic Research in Performing Arts


Collins RL, Heritage P, Weaver L (2007) Staging Human Rights PPP Bulletin ISSUE 2.
Collins RL, Heritage P (2007) Changing the Scene PPP Bulletin ISSUE 3. London: Publications and Web Office,

Other Published Writing

Collins RL, (2014) ’The Paper Club: Participatory Arts’ Planet The Welsh Internationalist, 214


Photo Credits: Craig Kirkwood, Rebecca Collins. All rights reserved.