Listening to water


‘Listening to Water’ was an artistic investigation into sensory connections to the landscape. Over the course of several months, three female artists engaged in a practice of listening, walking and field recording as they travelled to ancient well sites in the counties of Ceredigion and Powys in Mid-West Wales.






Through writing, physical choreography and sound editing, the project explored the vibrational quality in animate and inanimate matter. Key questions included: How might listening inform our sense of place? To what extent might it be possible to evoke an essence of the natural landscape in the studio environment?

Digital technology was used to explore how the ‘sonorous lens’ applied to the outdoor explorations might assist in the creation and design of an immersive experience of place within the indoor studio environment. The work contributes to debates on sound within contemporary performance practice engaging with debates on listening, sound and affect.

The piece was originally performed live at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. A site-specific version was commissioned for the Green Man Festival. The work has since continued to tour as a sound installation featuring on BBC radio Wales and Stress.fm as part of the Lisbon Triennial of Architecture. More recently the installation featured at the Women in/on Sound symposium (WISWOS) at the Peter Scott gallery, Lancaster University and at The Northern Charter, Newcastle.

‘Listening to Water’ was originally developed in collaboration with visual artist Naomi Heath and theatre maker Jane Lloyd Francis and with support from Aberystwyth Arts Centre.


Photo Credits (from top): Carlos Tamarit, Craig Kirkwood, Naomi Heath (image), Rebecca Collins