Experiments in aural attention


‘Experiments in Aural Attention’ is an exhibition of three installation pieces that, in their staging, question how we are together through listening. Listening’s modus operandi is appropriated as an approach to making. This is reflected in the unfinished nature of the three experiments that aim to echo the processual workings of this sense.

Aural attention is both the subject matter of the exhibition and the method by which it is explored – actively inviting visitors to experience the aural-as-encountered shaping a path through the installations on display.

In ‘This is For You (Don’t Treat it Like a Telephone)’ man-made objects are used in unusual combinations to estrange familiar conversational conditions in an installation that encourages visitors to position and shape their bodies in response to the sounds of others. The piece was developed during a residency at a.pass (Advanced Performance and Scenography Studies) in Brussels.

‘Listening to Water’ brings meanderings through the countryside of Powys and Ceredigion into the studio space to explore how an aural approach might reveal details of a landscape more often obscured. The piece was developed in collaboration with Naomi Heath and Jane Lloyd Francis.

‘Stolen Voices’ explores a practice of eavesdropping and how fiction might alter the attention we place on sounds of the everyday. This project is currently ongoing and is in collaboration with Johanna Linsley.

‘Experiments in Aural Attention’ was at the School of Art, Aberystwyth University in June 2015 and featured as part of The Projection Club at Northern Charter, Newcastle in October 2015.


Photo Credit: Craig Kirkwood. All rights reserved.