Listening to Water

Three artists from distinct backgrounds explore how aural engagement with ancient well sites in and around Ceredigion and Powys might reveal aspects of the landscape more often obscured. 

Photo Credit: Naomi Heath

Photo Credit: Naomi Heath

Listening to Water was a collaborative artistic exploration between Rebecca Louise Collins, Naomi Heath and Jane Lloyd Francis into sensory connections to the landscape which sought to ask; how might listening inform our sense of place? How can a shift in the gaze allow ancient resonances to appear?

Through walking, writing and field recordings taken at each site, connections between the vibrational quality inherent in both animate and inanimate objects are sensed.

The piece was originally performed at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. Poetic textual fragments from their journeys combined with field recordings have been collated into a 20 minute audio. This was aired on as part of the Lisbon Triennial of Architecture.

A site-specific version of Listening to Water was specifically commissioned for Einstein’s Garden at Green Man Festival August 2013 which combined the sensory and the scientific.

The piece also featured on BBC Radio Wales.