Five Minutes of Fame

Five minutes of Fame

Five minutes of Fame

As a response to the debates surrounding ‘participation’ in the art world Rebecca Louise Collins proposes an installation entitled ‘Five minutes of Fame’.

The fabulous ‘Donna’, Rebecca’s alter-ego moves within public space armed with a pink karaoke machine. Stopping in town squares, outside of bars and in shopping malls she will sing with the hope that those around her will join in. A chance to sing your heart out, for love, against the recession or just for the sake of singing. 

The piece ends when the artist looses her voice or when she looses faith that someone will join her.

‘Five minutes of fame’ is a subtle and fun critique that plays on our obsessions with being famous and with celebrity culture. Do we want to participate and be seen? Or, do we prefer to look away and go unobserved? 

The piece has featured in Los Artistas Del Barrio, Madrid Spain and was also part of The Hub at Aberystwyth Arts Centre.