Experiments in Aural Attention: Lingering Longer & Listening Away

Experiments in Aural Attention is an exhibition that re-stages three practical creative investigations to question how we are together through listening.

Listening’s modus operandi is appropriated as an approach to making, reflected in the nature of the experiments that aim to echo the workings of this sense.

Aural attention is not only the subject matter of the exhibition but also the method by which it is explored. It actively invites visitors to experience the aural-as-encountered, shaping their own path through the practices on display.

By bringing three installations together, the exhibition seeks to question how it might be possible to practice aural attention.

The works featured in the exhibition have been supported by Sound & Music, the Live Art Development Agency, apass (advanced performance and scenography studies) and Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

The exhibition is available for touring. 

June 2015
School of Art Gallery, Aberystwyth University



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