Here are some dates for things I will be getting up to in 2016…


February – May 2016 Stolen Voices North East

Stolen Voices has recently received support from Arts Council England. A version of the project is currently being developed in Seaham, East Durham. Keep checking back here for further key dates when we will be sharing our work in the local community.

2nd March 2016 Centre for Gender and Sexuality Studies, Durham University

I will be presenting alongside Newcastle University researcher Laura Richards on our collaboration for the ‘Hashtag This Girl Can’ project that initiated with support from theatre makers Cap-a-Pie and the Institute for Creative Arts Practice, Newcastle University.

22nd March 2016 Materialities Symposium, School of Performance, Visual Arts and Communication, the University of Leeds

I will be presenting on ‘aural attunement’ taking elements of my PhD research to stimulate discussions with keynote Chris Salter and practice-based researchers in the Faculty of Arts, the University of Leeds.

April 2016 – June 2016

I will be overseeing an interdisciplinary collaboration alongside Dr Alice O’Grady and Prof Sue Pavitt at the University of Leeds. This marks the start of an exciting conversation between the School of Performance, Visual Arts and Communication and the School of Dentistry.

January 2016 – June 2016 The Barlow Series

I am curating a series of public talks for Breeze Creatives to increase public engagement in knowledge production and make knowledge accessible to a general audience. The talks range in theme from the price of happiness to how insects have 3D vision. See for details.

Recent Past

22nd October 2015 First in Three, Northern Stage, Newcastle

I will be scratching some brand new material for my new project ‘Show Pony Girl’. Whoop!

11th November 2015 6pm – 8pm Creative Data Club, Sound and Music, London

Johanna Linsley and I will be presenting a new piece of evidence from our project ‘Stolen Voices’ at the Creative Data Club with Kealy Cozen and Richard Whitelaw from Sound and Music.

13th November 2015 – 18th November Women in/on Sound, Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster 

My installation ‘Listening to Water’, a collaboration with Naomi Heath and Jane Lloyd Francis will be featured at the Peter Scott Gallery for five days as part of the Women in/on Sound Symposium convened by Linda O’ Keefe at Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts, Lancaster University. Also part of the launch for Yorkshire Sound Women’s Network,

18th November 2015 ARCADE Scratch Night, ARC Stockton, Stockton-on-Tees

I will be trying out some more material from my new project ‘Show Pony Girl’. Double Whoop!

26th November 2015 Performing Research, Northern Stage

I will be showing the early stages of #thisgirlcan a project in collaboration with a gender studies researcher at Newcastle University. The project is supported and organised through theatre makers Cap-a-Pie with whom I am currently an associate artist.

December 10th 2015 The Projector Club, Northern Charter, Newcastle

I will be presenting a version of my new project, ‘ShowPonyGirl’ currently in development.

September 9th 2015 #18 Points of Listening, Stolen Voices: An Eavesdropping practicum

Convened by Salomé Voegelin and Mark Peter Wright for the University of the Arts, London and CRiSAP, Johanna Linsley and I alongside Richard Whitelaw, head of programmes at  Sound & Music will be ‘listening in’ on Central London from our new HQ, the Theatres Trust. See for more details.

31st July – 1st Aug 2015 Vocal Spiel, Surface Gallery, Nottingham

My short film Vocal Spiel will be screened as part of a worldwide gathering of summer cinema shorts. See

June 8th – 25th 2015 Experiments in Aural Attention: Lingering Longer & Listening Away

For the whole month of June, my exhibition which investigates how we might aurally attend objects, people and places will occupy the School of Art in Aberystwyth.

May 2015 Lend an Ear, Election Fest, Folkestone

For Folkestone Fringe, Johanna Linsley and I will be producing and disseminating an eavesdropping score: ‘Folkestone is buzzing with political feeling – listen in and help us sound out the situation’.The denizens of Folkestone will be called upon to help use further sound out the British coastline.

March 2015 & November 2015 The Shops

I will be working with site specific Dutch company PeerGroup and several Wales based artist on a new collaboration with National Theatre Wales. More info coming soon!


October 25th & 26th 2014 Stolen Voices, DIY#11 with the Live Art Development Agency, Sound & Music, Arts Bournemouth

Stolen Voices is about eavesdropping. It is about listening-in, or the way listening is always positioned in space and in time. It is about overhearing, or the stuff we add to everything we hear – the biases and associations that help us construct identities for those who surround us. Finally, it is about the (often uncomfortably) unstable border between private and public that we all negotiate by existing in common with others.

May 28th & 29th 2014 – Re-Imagining Llanbedrog

I will be showing a studio version of Re-imagining Llanbedrog at Aberystwyth Arts Centre as part of their Open Platform scheme. This is a project that has been supported by WalesLab, a National Theatre Wales initiative, the Arts Council Wales and Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

May 12th 2014 Re-Imagining Llanbedrog, WalesLab, National Theatre Wales

A sharing will be held at a location (tbc) in Llanbedrog at the end of my research and development period with WalesLab, a National Theatre Wales initiative.

May 1st 2014 Vocal Spiel, Volcano Theatre, Swansea

A further extract from Vocal Spiel will be shown at Volcano Theatre in Swansea. This will be part of a whole week of development and sharing from the Yr Odyn Cohort, a group of Wales-based artists.

February 6th  2014 Five Minutes of Fame, Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Five minutes of Fame has been programmed in a mini-festival of performance at Aberystwyth Arts Centre alongside Rotozaza, Fuel Theatre (David Rosenberg) and Third Angel.

February 5th 2014 Vocal Spiel, Battersea Arts Centre

A scratch version of Vocal Spiel has been programmed as part of Freshly Scratched at Battersea Arts Centre.

January 24th – 26th 2014 A Voice and Something Else (AVASE), Aberystwyth University

I will be welcoming and working with a range of international scholar artists for a unique practice based research conference exploring the voice in a variety of contexts. For more info check out the tumblr site