Collective Practices of Uncertainty


‘Collective Practices for Uncertainty’

A micro-documentary 15.30 mins

Language: Spanish with English Subtitles

‘Collective Practices for Uncertainty’ is a micro-documentary to share what can happen when you put artists, experimental composers, and particle physicists together. 

This unlikely three-day encounter, led and designed by Rebecca Collins, sought to foster intellectual companionship, share performative tactics, and uncover the potential poetics and emotional forces found in the tiniest (and invisible) components of our Universe. 

Interviews and live footage give insight into how participants investigated, via somatic and sensorial means, the mathematical, philosophical, ontological, and epistemological implications of the unknown. 

The micro-documentary forms part of a larger research project, ‘Parametres for Understanding Uncertainty: Creative Practice and Sonic Detection as Strategies for Scientific Outreach’ awarded to Rebecca Collins by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, hosted by the Institute of Theoretical Physics UAM-CSIC (2022-2023). 


Principal Artist Investigator

Rebecca Collins

Scientific Collaborator

David G. Cerdeño

Uncertain Team

Miguel Álvarez-Fernández

Idoia Zabaleta (AZALA)

Filming, Editing, and Montage

Jesús Nicolás Riva


Mario Carro ‘Uncertainty’ 2022


Coco Moya

David Pereñigues Rodríguez

Esperanza López Manzanares

Eve Barlier

Ivan Cebrián

Jorge Martín Camalich

Laura Romero

María del Buey Cañas

Miguel Peiró

Norberto Bayo Maestre

Ode Aseguinolaza

Saioa Olmo Alonso

Sara Porras Bedmar

Silvia Zayas

Susana Jiménez Carmona

Special Mention

Laura Marcos Mateos