Apr 27, 2020

Words, Spaces and Audio-Based Performance on Ars Sonora, RNE (Spanish Sound Art Radio Program), April 2020

Rebecca Collins with Miguel Álvarez-Fernández in the Spanish National Radio Studios.

Ars Sonora is a radio program solely dedicated to Sound Art transmitted weekly on Spanish National Radio (RNE) on their Classical Music Channel. In 2019, I was invited by Miguel Álvarez-Fernández to speak about the ‘Stolen Voices’ album this informed the first program (see earlier blog post). In 2020, Miguel invited me back to the Spanish National Radio studios to talk about artistic works that have influenced my career. In this program I discuss the work of artists such as Janet Cardiff, Mike Pearson, Roger Bernat and Australian sound art collective, Sisters Akousmatica. An earlier work I made, ‘Listening to Water’ is played and to close the program I read a section from a forthcoming publication (in English). The program is in Spanish and is one hour long.

Ars Sonora has dedicated editions to the works of artists working in sound art, poetry, theatre, plastic and visual arts. Examples include Pauline Oliveros, Esther Ferrer, Rodrigo García, Elena Cordoba, Samuel Beckett and Ainara Legardon amongst others.