Stolen Voices Album Launch ACE Hotel London Oct 2019

Stolen Voices Album Cover

Eavesdroppers, overhearers, listeners-in!

Join us for the launch of Stolen Voices, a compilation album, sonic miscellany and collection of dispatches from train stations and hotel lobbies up and down the East Coast of the UK.

The launch includes performances from Rebecca Collins & Johanna Linsley, Emma Bennett, Adam Matschulat and Flora Pitrolo.

Stolen Voices is a creative research project by Rebecca Collins and Johanna Linsley that uses eavesdropping as a framework to ask: What does it mean to live in the UK now? What kind of structures got us to where we are, and how do we seek out levers for change? What are the connections between the Victorian pleasure gardens in Bournemouth, the container shipping port in Felixstowe, the refurbished marina built with EU grant money next to a former coal waste dump in East Durham, and the Aberdeen oil industry in crisis? Can attention to small details, an overheard conversation, one side of a phone conversation, tell us anything about macro dynamics?

The Stolen Voices album compiles a series of collaborations, commissions and valiant efforts to solve the case. The album features work by Ode Aseguinolaza, Barrett’s Dottled Beauty, Emma Bennett, Kitchen Cynics, Mariam Rezaei and Pete Stollery. Mastered by Adam Matschulat of The Listening Tower. Production consultation by Flora Pitrolo. Album Design by Michael Ovaska.

The album launched online in early October 2019:

There will also be a radio program on Ars Sonora Spanish National Radio dedicated to the Album in late October 2019.