Critical/Fictional Investigations: Site, Sound and Listening 2018

Rebecca Collins giving a presentation on eavesdropping on the East coast of the UK

Critical/Fictional investigations: Site, Sound and Listening brought together interdisciplinary scholars to share research on the politics and poetics of place. Writing, sound and listening both to and through the environment fused informal conversations and the exchange of academic practices across writing, performance, sound art and literary scholarship. The event included Professor Lytle Shaw (University of New York), specialist in poetry, site-specificity and experimental historiography. Alongside a reading from his new publication, Shaw also ran a writing workshop with attendees.

Invited speakers/artists at the event included:

Prof Lytle Shaw

Dr Rebecca Collins

Dr Natalie Ferris

Dr Jane McKie

Dr Alexander Campbell

Yulia Kovanova

Louisa Love

Matthew Zurowski

This event was held at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and attended by artists and researchers motivated by the emergence of creative approaches to think through the complexity of our contemporary political condition.