Women in Sound/Women on Sound Launch and Research 2017

Early in September 2017 the redesigned website for WISWOS (Women in Sound/Women on Sound) was launched. Designed by Tony Doyle with input from Linda O’Keeffe, Diana Chester, Joanna Helms and myself, the site aims to host the research projects we are currently working on as well as providing a hub to support and make visible the work that women are doing related to sound, sonic arts and music technology.

Research in a Box: Activating Women in Sound is a loanable box which contains pedagogical material aimed at encouraging young people to engage in sound and music technology. The kit contains soldering irons, publications and cd’s to listen to. It can be booked by getting into contact with the research office at Lancaster University http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/teachers/school-university-research-engagement/research-in-a-box/activating-women-in-sound-in-a-box/

Further details about the project can be found here: