Articles 2012 – 2014

Here are the details of my recent and forthcoming publications:

    • The Paper Club: A Blank Slate and an Open Invitation, Planet The Welsh Internationalist, ed. Emily Trahair, May 2014

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  • ‘Dear Institution’ in Proceedings of CARPA 3, Colloquium on Artistic Research in Performing Arts, ed. Annette Arlander, April 2014

Abstract: Dear Institution is a presentation in the form of a love letter addressed to an anonymous academic institution. It light-heartedly describes a love/hate relationship between arts practice and academia from the personal perspective of a practice-based PhD student who flirts with both.

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  • ‘On Being Audience: Modalities of theatrical speech and listening’, Activate, Vol 2 No. 1, University of Roehampton, ed. Mariella Greil, Spring/Summer 2012

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Abstract: This article investigates the ontological significance of the voice, speech and listening within a theatrical context. Through an analysis of two performances; Societas Raffaello Sanzio’s ‘Giulio Cesare’ and Roger Bernat’s ‘Domini Públic’ it considers what might be in the voice that goes beyond language and that which is on the edge of understanding that might bring about alternative ‘ways of sensible being’ (Rancière 2009, 10).